A Heart That Believes
Season 1, Episode 15
Ep 15
Air Date July 16, 2005
Location Jade Country
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Ep 14: Truth in History
Ep 16: Strength and Kindness

A Heart that Believes is the 15th episode of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.



Syaoran confronts Kyle about the missing children, but he replies that he was only worried about the child walking alone. The child is actually Mokona in a disguise. Syaoran realized that Kyle had been hypnotizing the children when he compared the list of the missing children and the doctor's patients. It turns out that these kids had been treated days before their disappearances and Kyle had led them to follow imaginary crows. Since they left during snowy nights, they couldn't find any footprints and Kyle was free of suspicion. Kyle asked if the list of missing children could be trusted, and Grossum comes out with the other townsfolk to say he made the list by visiting the missing children's homes. So Kyle admits that he needed the children to retrieve what was inside the castle (which is Sakura's feather).

Sakura wants to free the children so Princess Emeraude leads her out of the castle. Kyle asks Syaoran how he knew it was him, and he says it's because he told them it was "Sakura's" feather. He demands to know who told him about the feather, and Kyle runs towards the castle by walking over the river. The others follow.

Once inside, they find the children and release them. Sakura runs into Kyle who wants her to come along, but Emeraude warns her, so she hesitates. Kyle is discovered, so he demands the feather from Sakura. The others arrive and Kyle threatens Sakura but Syaoran takes her away before he can hurt her.

The castle suddenly trembles and quickly starts to flood with water due to the broken watergate. Syaoran and Sakura are separated from the others by rocks. Syaoran tells the others to leave, and they take another path. They finally reach the exit but it is soon blocked by rocks again. Syaoran tells Sakura to move on while he deals with Kyle, but she wouldn't leave him behind. Emeraude appears and shows them a secret door. Kyle tries to follow, but is seemingly crushed by a statue of Princess Emeraude.

Emeraude breaks the crystal so Sakura can absorb the feather, and she thanks her for rescuing the children. She also tells Sakura that there's someone watching them.

The kids finally go home and reunite with their families. Grossum, wanting to thank Syaoran and company for all that they've done, goes to the room where they had been staying, but finds that they were already gone. They left behind Grossum's book and a note saying that they should tell Emeraude's true story.

Syaoran wonders who is watching them, and Kurogane suggests that it's the same person who told Kyle about the feather.



CLAMP Crossovers

  • Princess Emeraude is also another character from the work of CLAMP, The Magic Knight Reyearth.Where Princess Emeraude is the pillar of the world Cephiro.