Truth In History
Season 1, Episode 14
Ep 14
Air Date July 9, 2005
Location Jade Country
Episode Guide
Ep 13: The Steward of Illusions
Ep 15: A Heart that Believes

Truth in History is the 14th episode of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.


  • Syaoran, Kurogane and Fai break into Grossum's house looking for clues on the missing children.
  • Sakura manages to break free of her cell, where she finds Emeraude with the children and the feather.
  • Syaoran, Kurogane and Fai confront Dr. Kyle.


After discussing what had happened to the children, the villagers come in and tell Syaoran, Fai, and Kurogane that they couldn't find any clues. Syaoran mentions the castle, and they reply that they can't get across the river. Sakura wakes up in the castle,finds out she's chained and sees the children by her door.

Dr. Rondart also comes in and they talk about Grossum. Kyle says that since he's the landowner, if people don't pay him they'll have to leave town. But he also mentions a rumor about him, saying that's he's after the feather. After he leaves, Fai remembers seeing him yesterday and asumes that he's guilty. But Syaoran says they can't judge him without proof.

The group heads to Grossum's house, and they enter with Mokona's help (one of his 108 techniques). Once inside they start looking for clues, and Syaoran finds a copy of the history book that Kyle owns. Mokona finds a map of the castle, when Grossum arrives, he asks them what they're doing and Syaoran tells him they're only gathering facts. So, Grossum believes that Syaoran reminds him of himself, and decides to lend him the book.

As they walk back, Fai no longer thinks that Grossum is guilty, but Kurogane shows them the list of the missing children. Fai calls him Kuro-wan and he's upset about it (wan wan is an onomatopeia for barking dog).

Sakura is still trying to let go of her chains, and she eventually does.

Syaoran finds that there are more pages in Grossum's book than in Kyle's. Later on, Syaoran asks Dr. Rondart to cure his injury, and he tells Kyle that the children are not dissapearing because of the princess. He suspects of Grossum and says he'll go back to take another look.

Kyle sees a hooded figure in his window and hurries to leave. Sakura is trying to unlock the door. Outside the castle, Fai and Kurogane find the lever that controls the water flow. Kurogane moves it with his brute force and the river flow stops.

Sakura finally unlocks the door, downstairs she finds the children and a crystal containing her feather inside. Emeraude's spirit appears and tells her the true story behind the legend. Three hundred years ago, the feather was given to the castle, people wanted its powers and wars were fought for it, also killing her parents. Because of these wars, plague came to the town, affecting the children. The feather's powers spared the children. So the princess took them in and once the plague passed after many years, they returned home. The feather was sealed later by a magician. But Emeraude says she didn't call the children this time, and she appeared on the streets trying to stop it.

To release the feather, there's need of children with pure heart. Emeraude asks Sakura to join the children and retrieve her feather.

Kyle keeps going after the hooded figure, and they reach the castle; Kyle is surprised by Fai, Kurogane and, Syaoran who asks him where the children and Sakura are.



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