Advocate of Illusions
Season 1, Episode 13
Air Date July 2, 2005
Location Jade Country
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Ep 12: A Warm Smile
Ep 14: Truth in History

The Steward of Illusions is the 13th episode of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.


  • The group learns about Princess Emeraude's legend.
  • Sakura is the only one who can see Princess Emeraude.
  • They meet Dr. Rondart, who asks them to stay in his house.
  • After more disappearances, Sakura becomes the top suspect.


At the beginning of this episode, the group has already spent some time in town and bought new clothes to adapt to the harsh winter. Mokona complains that Kurogane ate the cream puffs Yūko gave him.

At the inn, the innkeeper tells them about the legend of the Golden-Haired Princess in the northern town. This princess got a magical feather from a bird, and when she took it, her parents died. Then the children were suddenly drawn to the castle, and when they returned they were never the same. Since this seems to be caused by Sakura's feathers, they all head north to investigate.

When reaching the town of Spirit, they are confronted by men armed with sticks. Syaoran lies and tells them he's researching for a book, and then a man comes out and invites him and the others to his home. It's Kyle Rondart and he's the town's doctor.

While talking, Mr. Grossum, the richest man in town, bursts in with the Mayor and tells Dr. Rondart not to let strangers into town. Once they're gone, Dr. Rondart tells them that there are 20 kids missing. He also tells them they can stay in his place instead of the inn. After talking for a bit, Syaoran and Fai see that Sakura has fallen asleep, so they put her to bed. But she wakes up in the middle of the night and looking out the window she sees the Golden Haired Princess walking on the street, and surrounded by blackbirds.

By the next morning, another child is missing. Sakura says she saw the princess, so they assume that she took the lost child. But Sakura doesn't think that she took that boy because she looked too sad. Mr. Grossum is suspicious of them, but Dr. Rondart tells him no one could have left his house. The villagers go out to find the child.

Back in Dr. Rondart's house, he tells them more about the legend of the Princess. She made all children disappear, and none of them were seen again. Sakura is the first person to see the princess. Syaoran takes Dr. Rondart's copy of the town's history book. They walk to the castle's ruins, only to notice that the bridge allowing them to cross the river was taken down years ago. Fay spots Mr. Grossum standing on a cliff above them. Now they head back to town, while Dr. Rondart just finished treating a little girl who was friends with the missing kid.

Syaoran keeps reading more of the town's history, but finds nothing about the feather. So he goes and sits by Sakura, and they are joined later by Dr. Rondart, who tells them he must lock their doors because the villagers asked him to do so.

That night, Sakura looks outside her window and sees five kids leaving their homes. Then she sees Princess Emeraude. Sakura tries going out the door but it's locked. So she jumps out the window and follows the kids to the river, and surprisingly they cross the river by walking. Sakura faints over the snow, and Princess Emeraude says she's been waiting for so long.

In Dr. Rondart's house, they notice that Sakura's missing. The villagers come out asking for the kids, and after finding out Sakura's missing as well, they blame the disappearances on her and storm the house, but they are easily defeated by Syaoran, Fay, and Kurogane. Syaoran tells them he'll find the kids and Sakura, while she's sleeping inside the castle.



  • The group arrives in Jade, a new world with a 300-year-old legend involving one of Sakura's feathers.
  • This is the first meeting with Kyle Rondart.

CLAMP Crossovers

Magic Knight Rayearth: Princess Emeraude. Here, she exists as a ghost and a scary legend.