The Warm Smile
Season 1, Episode 12
Air Date June 25, 2005
Location Fog Country
Episode Guide
Ep 11: The Chosen Tomorrow
Ep 13: The Steward of Illusions

A Warm Smile is the 12th episode of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.


  • The group arrives in Fog Country.
  • Syaoran remembers that Sakura gave him a new birthday date (same as her own - April 1) as he couldn't remember his.
  • Sakura remembers having met Syaoran, although she doesn't see him directly in the flashback.
  • Syaoran remembers Sakura having taken him at the top of the castle to see birds.
  • The group doesn't find a feather and so they move on to the next world.


Upon arriving in the new world, the group comes to a gigantic lake, with no buildings or people at sight. Mokona senses a strong power under the lake's surface, and Syaoran dives into it in order to find it. After looking around for some time, he comes back with nothing. Sakura sits down with Syaoran and tells him about his memory of the birthday party and the empty chair. Syaoran remembers sitting in the chair, but after she told him she was happy despite it was empty, he's less annoyed.

Syaoran keeps remembering that day. Sakura asked Syaoran about his birthday, but he doesn't remember because he was adopted, so she gave him a birthday, the same as hers. Syaoran goes home and his stepfather Fujitaka asks him about the party.Syaoran tells him about the conversation with Sakura, Fujitaka is surprised, and hugs Syaoran. Syaoran looks at a history book and Fujitaka asks him if he likes archaeology. Fujitaka explains him there's always more than meets the eye.

At the lake, the water glows. After he dived inside the lake, a gigantic white fish emerges from the water and asks Sakura why she's there. When she tries answering, she faints.She has another flashback with Fujitaka and her father, who introduced her to a boy who needed a friend.

Kurogane and Fay wander around the forest looking for people and they just turn back having found nothing. Syaoran comes back from the lake and everyone is looking at Sakura sleep.Sakura wakes up and runs towards the lake. Turns out that she thought Syaoran was there, so once she realized he wasn't, she stops running. Syaoran takes her to the lake and remembers when they were kids, a time when he showed her the birds in the sky, and smiled. They swimmed to the bottom and Syaoran shows her a tiny city.

The glowing fish face them and asked Sakura why she's there again. This time, she answers. The fish drops a shiny scale that Syaoran catches, and after that they come back up.Since there's no feather ,Mokona tells them they should get to the next world. Syaoran thinks of how much he wants Sakura to keep smiling.


"Why are you here, What are you doing here?" - Fish at the lake


CLAMP Crossovers

Cardcaptor Sakura: Fujitaka Kinomoto and Clow Reed.


  • Sakura and Syaoran share the same birthday: April 1. Sakura invented him a new birth date because he couldn't remember his own.
  • Mokona claims to have 108 secret skills, two of which are seen here: the ability to mimic people's voices, and overdramatic acting.
  • We discover that Syaoran is adopted, and remembers nothing before Fujitaka adopted him.


  • Sakura's Memory, "Meeting": This is not an actual feather memory, but Sakura remembers her father introducing her to a boy adopted by Fujitaka. He tells her the boy had a rough life and his heart has hardened, and needs her help to open up.
  • Syaoran's Memory, "Birth Date": Sakura gives Syaoran a new birthday, and its the same as hers. Syaoran also remembers that Sakura took him to see birds to make him smile.
  • Feather, "Birthday": Sakura talks about the memory she retrieved in Ep 11: The Chosen Tomorrow. Syaoran doesn't tell her it was him sitting in the chair.