The Chosen Tomorrow
Season 1, Episode 11
Ep 111
Air Date June 18, 2005
Location Koryo Country
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Ep 10: Mirror of Separation
Ep 12: A Warm Smile

The Chosen Tomorrow is the 11th episode of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.


  • Kishiimu takes her revenge on the Ryanban and his son.
  • Sakura retrieves another piece of memory: "Birthday".
  • Fei Wong Reed continues to watch the group's journey.
  • The Miteshu arrive at last.


The Ryanban tells Syaoran that if he harms the villagers that pain will be felt by Sakura and Chu'nyan. Syaoran tries to jump over the villagers, but they take him down.

Fai and Kurogane move forward.

Sakura and Chu'nyan call to Syaoran, but Sakura calls him just "Syao" and not "Syaoran", as she does since she lost her memory. Thus, Syaoran realizes the girls are fake and they dissolve. He goes on to attack the Ryanban but is rejected by his magic. The villagers are about to attack Syaoran again when the real Chu'nyan arrives. She uses the mirror her mother gave her to break the spell on them. Seemingly she did the same thing with Sorata when he arrived to kidnap her and Sakura.

The Ryanban's son awakes, but Kishiimu awaits him...

Syaoran demands the Ryanban to return the feather. He tries tempting Chu'nyan saying that without the feather he couldn't bring her mother back. She cries and tells him, no matter what, her mother is dead and even her spirit said she would never come back. Syaoran asks her if she wants revenge and she remembers what her mother said, so she says she wouldn't waste a punch on him.

As Syaoran comes forward to retrieve the feather, Kishiimu surrounds the Ryanban and grabs him. She intends to bring him to her country and torture him. Before disappearing with the Ryanban in her hands, she tells Syaoran he's welcome in her country and also tells Chu'nan she must become as her mother.

The feather is released from the orb and Syaoran returns the feather to her. Sakura has another flashback, where she remembers one of her birthdays with her Toya and Yukito. There's also an empty chair and Sakura talks to this chair. Then she faints in Syaoran's arms.

Fei Wong Reed keeps watching them from his own dimension and mentions the hidden power underneath the Ruins of Clow. His companion, the mysterious woman walks with him towards the water tank and says "his debut is yet to come".

Sorata and the villagers are celebrating, while Chu'nyan thanks Syaoran and his group. The Miteshu finally arrive and they apologize for being so late since the Ryanban's seal around the city kept them out. One of them say that they must choose a new Lord, to which Chu'nyan replies they don't need one and they can take care of themselves.

Chu'nyan, Sorata, and Arashi watch the group's departure. Chu'nyan is confident they'll see each other again.


Feather no.3, "Birthday": Sakura retrieves her 3rd feather, containing a memory of one of her birthdays.

Nicknames: Fai and Mokona call Kurogane "Kuro-pon" and "Kuro-rin".

CLAMP Crossovers

  • CLAMP School Detectives: Nokoru Imonoyama, Suoh Takamura, and Akira Ijyuin are the Miteshu.