Mirror of Separation
Season 1, Episode 10
Ep 11
Air Date June 11, 2005
Location Koryo Country
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Ep 9: Princess of Shadows
Ep 11: The Chosen Tomorrow

Mirror of Separation is the 10th episode of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.


  • Syaoran defeats the Ryanban's son.
  • Kurogane releases Kishiimu from her enslavement.
  • Chu'nyan realizes that her mother had been inhabiting Sakura's body.
  • Chu'nyan's mother gives her a hijutsu mirror.
  • The Ryanban uses the villagers to attack Syaoran.


Syaoran fights with the Ryanban's son. Meanwhile Sorata takes the villagers inside the castle and tells Arashi to wait outside. Chu'nyan wants to join them, but Sakura takes her somewhere else. Sakura reminds Chu'nyan of her mother.

Syaoran has some trouble fighting the Ryanban's son due to his magic. Meanwhile, Kurogane and Fay continue to fight against Kishiimu. She tells them about Chu'nyan's mother and she also tells them that she respects them, though she still has to kill them all because she's being enslaved by the Ryanban. Since they both don't intend to die they strike her both with one last desperate attempt to bring her down.

Then, Ryanban's son grabs Mokona and Syaoran attacks him, so he grabs Syaoran's leg since he noticed he was injured. Still, Syaoran spin-kicks him with his other leg, regardless of how much it hurts and knocks him off.

Kishiimu seems to have inflicted some serious damage on Kurogane, but his armor protects him. Next, Kurogane crushes the jewel on Kishiimu's head and defeats her. Kurogane believes that she cursed him after she gave him a kiss, but Kishiimu explains herself saying that the jewel was the responsible for keeping her as a prisioner there.

The villagers and Sorata arrive at where the Ryanban is, who uses his magic over them.

Sakura and Chun'yan are standing on a bridge while Sakura tells her how the town used to be. Chu'nyan seems puzzled about this since Sakura just arrived in town, and this is how she realizes it's really her mother speaking through Sakura. Chun'yan asks how could this be, and her mother says it's because the Ryanban had sealed her soul inside the castle, so she had to wait for God's Beloved Daughter to set her free.

Chu'nyan's mother takes her to the old tree seen in the flashback and she makes it bloom again. She asks Chu'nyan to do so but she can't. She wonders why and her mother tells her to remember what she taught her. Once she realizes that she wants to kill the Ryanban and admits that her motivations are wrongs she succeeds in getting the tree to bloom. Her mother materializes her over a magical mirror and then she leaves Sakura's body.

Afterward, Sorata arrives at the scene. When he says he's got orders from the Lord, Chu'nyan tries to protect Sakura.

Mokona leads Syaoran to the power source in the castle only to find Sakura and Chu'nyan inside a crystal bubble. The Ryanban is there, holding Sakura's feather in an orb. Syaoran threatens him, but he tells Syaoran he'd kill the girls if he touches him. Later on, the villagers surround Syaoran.


  • The hijitsu mirror that Chu'nyan receives from her mother looks like a similar mirror that the Mirror Card from Cardcaptor Sakura is holding in its card form.

CLAMP Crossovers

  • Legend of Chun Hyang: Chun'yan's mother
  • X: Sorata and Arashi
  • Magic Knight Rayearth: Kishi


  • Chunyans' mother's death from Ep. 08