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Edonis Country (桜都(エドニス)国, Edonisu-koku) is one of the countries visited in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.

This world is the "true" reality of Outo Country. Its Kanji name is the same as the Outo Country, but with "Edonisu" as furigana, not "Ōto" like the second one. Fairy Park, like its predecessor in the CLAMP work Clover, is an amusement park. In the end, the world is altered, blending between both, Edonis and Outo.


The group finally finds out the truth about Outo. It was a game all along, nothing but a virtual reality simulator. Back in the "real world", they remember how they got there in the first place, and later on, the reason behind Seishiro's schemes.

Upon waking up, Syaoran is inside a "Dream Capsule" (which looks very much like the angel eggs in Angelic Layer or Mokona's transportation in Magic Knight Rayearth.) and Fai is waiting for him, alive. Fai explains to him the truth about Outo: the world that the group arrived to wasn't actually Outo, but Edonis. Their landing was on the Fairy Park, a huge amusement park. One of its biggest attractions is a MMORPG simulator (massively multiplayer online RPG) which was Outo.

Syaoran wonders why they can't remember how they arrived in Edonis, right then one of the game's designers appears, Chitose. She explains to him that to increase the new gamers' experience, their memories are erased temporarily. This causing them the sensation they are "actually" inside the world. Now Syaoran is able to remember what happened: once they arrived in the Fairy Park, a welcome committee of cute girls placed them inside their capsules and sent them to Outo as beginner players, not giving them a chance to object.

Chitose asks Syaoran what does he knows about the person who is interfering in the system, and begs him to tell her anything he can, because the World of Outo and the players still inside are in grave danger, Edonis itself tearing apart.

Meanwhile, in Outo, Kurogane keeps destroying demons while Mokona is confused by the power flowing everywhere around Outo. They find Ryu-O and the others, planning on returning to the Fairy Park; and he's bleeding which is impossible in the virtual world of Outo, when they disappear from Outo.

Now Seishirou controls Fairy Park, also he has control over the demons of Outo, and is turning Outo into reality. The demons have been transported to Fairy Park, where they are still out of control and keep on destroying everything. Kurogane, Sakura, Mokona, Ryu-ou Soma, Kusanagi and Yuzuriha also returned to Edonis. (Sakura returned with Syaoran in the anime)

Kurogane is after Seishirou. He asks him if he killed Fai, and what happened to Syaoran (still believing that they're dead) and decides to fight him.

Seishirou fights him with his crow-sword, while fighting the gamers along with Syaoran and Fai appear to them. He notices Kurogane's curse, but Kurogane keeps on fighting him. Then Mokona interrupts them carrying a note from Yuuko.

Kurogane now realizes that they're still alive, Seishirou salutes them. As Mokona closes by, he can no longer hide the power that he used to transform Outo, therefore, bringing it into reality: it's one of Sakura's feathers. Syaoran tries to climb up to where Seishirou is at, and then the I-1 demon appears who is no other than Oruha, CLOVER's singer.

Oruha had spread false rumors about Seishirou, making them believe that he was another demon, altered the NPCs behavior so they wouldn't give out any information regarding this. Oruha used her position as a singer in CLOVER to gain information from hunters and get close to the I-1, guessing that she defeated it to become the new I-1. Syaoran understands why he couldn't perceive the demons' aura: they were nothing but data and they weren't living beings.

In the anime, Oruha tells Seishirou that if he wanted to meet her so badly, he should have entered the game and become a player like anybody else, but he replies he had no time for this. Seishirou asks her if that is her real self, she replies "no". Seishirou knows that the I-1 demon can grant eternal life, so he asks her if her real name is "Subaru". Once again she replies "no", and denies to know anything regarding the "twin vampires".

It's revealed that Oruha is one of the founders of the Fairy Park, same as Chitose, and the "eternal life" is nothing more than just defeating the most powerful demon, being invincible and immortal in Outo, which means to have "unlimited life". Seishirou then realizes that he was after a wrong clue, and decides to leave as soon as possible. Syaoran won't let him leave with Sakura's feather, because even if it's not his, it's something very important to Sakura.

He strikes at him, but Seishirou is already leaving with the power of his eye. He then proceeds to his new destination, telling Syaoran to become stronger, because they will eventually meet again.

After Seishirou leaves, there is no reason for the group to stay. So Mokona transports them to the next world, the country of Idols, after saying goodbye to their former party members in the game.


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