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Syaoran, Sakura and Watanuki inside Dream World (Shunraiki OVA)

Dream World (ドリームワールド Dorīmu Wārudo) is one of the worlds visited in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. It is also mentioned in xxxHolic.

The Dream World Arc officially begins in Tsubasa when Syaoran's group arrives at Nihon, after the group had escaped from Celes and Sakura split her body and soul.

The Dream World story is narrated from chapters 167- 182 (Volumes 22-23). In xxxHolic, Yuuko mentions the existence of the Dream World later, but Watanuki had earned the ability to enter the Dream realm much earlier.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

After the events of the Infinity arc storyline, Sakura's soul is transported into Dream World by Chii and by her wish, which was to travel alone, granted by Yuuko. There she meets Watanuki to guide her through dreams. It is later revealed by Yuuko that Dreams are also a world and there is a feather in there.

Once Syaoran and the others had saved Sakura's body from Celes, the group is transported to Nihon where they are greeted by Tomoyo and Amaterasu.

In chapter 168, Syaoran meets Watanuki inside Dream World. Syaoran asks him not to disappear, though Watanuki remembers he had told him the same thing earlier but does not understand why he paid a price when he injured falling out the window in xxxHolic. He also asks him the connection between the two of them, but he refuses to answer telling him that he knows from his parents, but must not say it since the "path will become unstable" and that "changing the future is a hard thing to do", which was something that Sakura had mentioned to him earlier. Syaoran is surprised but is unaware that they had met inside Dream World already. He tells him what she said, that she tried her hardest to change the future she saw in the dream and didn't mean to make herself a sacrifice. Sakura didn't want to hurt others, so Syaoran wants her to tell him the truth. Watanuki tells him that he said the same thing to her, but this is because they are closer than anyone else. He asks him to take care of Sakura until he can catch up with her.

Sakura and Syaoran meeting inside Dream World (Manga)

Syaoran enters the dream reaching out with his hand. Sakura screams then to see it's Syaoran and that it's ok. Right then, the Clone Syaoran makes his appearance, and before Watanuki disappears, Syaoran yells at him to do what he believes in. The Clone comes closer, to face him.

Syaoran hugs Sakura, trying to protect her; while the Clone Syaoran stares at them coldly. He asks Syaoran if he's got the feather, takes his Hien and prepares to summon his magic (which he obtained from Fai's eyes). Sakura replies saying that she doesn't need the feathers, but he will get the feathers no matter what. Syaoran shields Sakura while the Clone Syaoran blasts at them. Syaoran casts his "Fuuka Shourai" spell which creates a wind barrier where he leaves Sakura to protect her. Afterward, he tells to the Clone Syaoran the same line from Tokyo, "because you're my own self, I will personally end this".

Outside, Fai, Kurogane, Mokona, Tomoyo, and the others wait impatiently for the battle to unfold. Fuuma teases his brother Seishiro about his actions since he had planned to give out the feather from the start.

They both comment on how strong the Clone Syaoran had become and how his lack of feelings only serve to make him stronger.

The battle begins, and both Syaorans clash swords. Sakura watches as she's unable to do anything.

The clone seems to anticipate Syaoran's every move. As he summons the Raitei Shourai spell, the Clone counterattacks with Fai's magic. It knocks him to the ground. Sakura screams in shock, while the barrier that had been protecting her is torn down. She hurries to Syaoran's side, holding him tight as the Clone moves in closer.

He asks her to step aside, but she only holds him tighter. He proceeds to threaten her with the sword. Meanwhile, the cherry tree had split in two.

The Clone had hurt Sakura with his Jian sword in her arm, causing her to bleed. She tries to stop him, taking the sword. But the Clone moves it quickly, hurting her even more.

Fei Wong comments, "I only need the body, I don't care if the soul is killed", referring to Sakura, as the Clone gives her a final glance, only to kill her. But... suddenly, he doesn't move anymore. He can't move. And he is unable to kill her.

Black Mokona and Yuko comment, that sometimes even if the heart forgets the body still remembers. Yuko says that the magic earing (Larg's) will soon fulfill its duty.

Back at the fight, the Clone continues with Syaoran since he can't hurt Sakura. As much as she pleads the Clone to stop, he doesn't and summons Fai's magic. She tries persuading him, telling him that if he kills Syaoran everything will come to an end, and even themselves. But he continues nevertheless, knocking off Sakura. He tries to take the feather from Syaoran, though he awakes in that very same moment, holding his hand before he takes that feather.

A black miasma emerges from the broken cherry tree, as the Syaorans continue their fight. Both the real world and the dream world now have merged. The others watch as the feather floats away, both Syaorans chase after it. The two of them draw out their swords.

They watch in shock, as they see that Sakura had got in the middle of them. She was stabbed by the Clone's Hien right through her chest. While she bleeds out and dissolves into petals, Syaoran yells at her, "SAKURA!!!" But she replies: Your Sakura, isn't me.

Flashback to Clow Country:
Clone Syaoran and Princess Sakura are at the ruins.
Xing Huo: Will you even make the Princess into a replica?, to which Fei Wong replies: Yes, I'll have the Princess go on a journey. He continues to explain Xing that this Princess (the clone) will engrave the memories of the worlds she had visited in her body. But still, he needs the real Princess for another reason which was not stated.

He specifically says that the Princess leaving for the journey is only a replica. So, even if she dies, the body shall return to him and will serve for his purpose.

The Princess approaches the ruins' symbol, as the ground opens. At this moment, the Princess had crossed to the place where Fei Wong hides. A mirror is placed in front of her, just like Syaoran's cloning process, and she is cloned. Fei Wong swaps them both and leaves Sakura's clone to take her place. He changes her memories into feathers. With this, Clone Syaoran will part into the journey thinking he'll save the Princess' life, unknowingly that she is only a clone and not the Sakura he had loved at that very point. This, he says, will grant him the power of crossing dimensions and will grant his wish.

But... something had failed. Fei Wong is assured though, that everything from now on will happen just the way he plans.

The real Sakura is placed inside a tube.

--End of flashback

"Because I am the same", Sakura says, as her body fades. She tells Syaoran that he must have known that she was a clone already, which is why he had told the Clone that what she treasured the most wasn't his heart but him. With tears in her eyes, her final words to him are that his Sakura is waiting and that he shall be free for his most important person. With her last strength, she rushes to the Clone's arms, while he stares in shock. She tries, at last, to confess her love. "I love y..."

But it is too late. She has completely faded into cherry blossom petals.

The Clone sees the petals flying away, takes one, squeezing as hard as he can, then shrieks in anger and pain.

The black miasma had started to engulf everything around its place. In the midst of things, Kyle reappears next to Sakura's body. But this miasma froze everyone, and they can't do anything to save Sakura. He takes her body along with her feather and finally disappears.

Syaoran tries to stop him but it is too late. He falls to the ground, moaning Sakura's name. The Clone had also disappeared.

The group is now talking to Yuko. Mokona asks her if she knew the truth, but she replies that she didn't, and probably only found out when she was in Tokyo.

Fai says, that it wasn't that she couldn't accept Syaoran, but it was rather she couldn't accept herself knowing she was a clone. That, and the fact that she knew that his Sakura was somewhere out there waiting for him is the reason why she had been so cold towards him.

In xxxHolic

Watanuki talks about his dreams with Himawari and Doumeki. What comes out as a coincidence is that Himawari's dream becomes reality for Watanuki, but he is saved by Doumeki's grandfather.

Yuuko continues to explain to Watanuki that he had the dream because he unintentionally, had bought it from Himawari. But Haruka leaves his arrow behind and Yuko's plan is to have someone buy the arrow.

After having sold the arrow to the Yumekai, he gives Watanuki 6 dream ballons as payment. Watanuki decides to give one to the fox oden's son.

Watanuki later has a dream and meets Haruka once more, who tells him that "Doumeki can endure a lot" and showed him a picture of Doumeki wearing a kimono. Yuko also explains to him that he had actually used one of the dream balloons to have that dream. [1]

Watanuki meets Haruka once more in a dream and they talk about Himawari. Watanuki realizes that Himawari's responsible for some bad things happening to him. Haruka also tells Watanuki to bring the other dream balloon the next day and hopes to meet him again in his dreams. Next day he meets Kohane day and he gives her the balloon. [2]

After falling off the window, Haruka appears in Watanuki's dream of hell just in time to save him. [3]

Watanuki faints for the first time. At Watanuki's birthday, he meets Haruka once more inside the Dream World; This is the first time that Haruka referred to the Dream World as being a whole world on its own. They talk about Yuuko and her knowing that "the only transaction that doesn't require payment is one of feelings." That said, he meets Sakura for the first time inside Dream World.[4]


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