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Clow Country

The Kingdom of Clow which is also known as Clow Country (玖楼国, Kurō-koku) in Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE is the place where Sakura and Syaoran lived before their dimensional journey began.

The citizens are very friendly and warm-hearted people, willing to help anyone. The royalty is quite kind and generous to their nation. The nation takes pride in many historic landmarks, as well as a great history that's being unraveled by some talented archeologists. It is implied that part of the country history has been lost to time.

Clow Kingdom is located on a great desert, ruled by King Tôya, who took the place of his father, Late King Clow and has assistance from the priest, Yukito. Syaoran was in charge of studying its ruins which contain great mysteries and a power that only Princess Sakura could unleash. This is where Sakura loses her feathers that scatter all through different worlds(Dimension), as she is about to die. Yukito sends her and Syaoran to the Dimensional Witch so that Syaoran could get help for Sakura. Aside from the priest, magic users are scarce in this world.

Despite living in the desert, th citizen are seen to fear rain. While most of the country is surounded by sand, there exist a green space near the castle where nature can grow. Around the city is multiple small ruined structure of unknown origins. Other countries exist in this world as mentionned by Syaoran. He and his father visited a country where the citizen where hostile toward outsider, much like in Jade Country

Name definition/Etymology: "Eternal" and "Tower".

Clow's Future Arc

Ruins of Clow

The Ruins.

The term Ruins of Clow is used to describe the wing-shaped temple Syaoran and his team of archaeologists is excavating. The ruins stand where the Tokyo Government office building once stood, and are directly connected to Princess Sakura, since a feather she left behind in the world's past incarnation(Tokyo) resides there. Fei Wong Reed notes that the feather beneath the Ruins and the Princess Sakura's powers combined are utterly capable of returning those who have died to life once again and even destroy the world itself.

The Ruins were once a temple for cleansing the candidate for Clow Country's priesthood - Sakura was the candidate for the successor of the current high-ranking priest or priestess.

"Post-Rewind" Clow Country

After "Syaoran" rewinds his time, Clow Country is all altered. Nadeshiko no longer exists, Fujitaka is an archaeologist and the Ruins of Clow become engulfed by frequent sandstorms (to hide the secret of the Ruins). Clow Reed also takes over the role of King of The Clow Country, which is also taken over by Sakura's older brother Toya.

"Stagnant Time"

The Stagnant Time, otherwise known as Cut-Off Time or Frozen Time is a pocket-dimension version of Clow Country, formed after "Syaoran'" wish to revert time. It is a recurring day, Sakura's seventh birthday, and during the seventh-day ritual in the Ruins. Because during the seventh day ritual time is stopped within the Ruins, the Ruins do not suffer the same rewind as the rest of Clow Country.

Fei Wong remarks that people living in the Stagnant Time will die if events do not repeat themselves exactly, thus "Syaoran", Fai and Kurogane unwittingly kill many townsfolk by not repeating the events. Syaoran states living in the "Stagnant Time" was like living a living death.

It was revealed in chapter 205 that the "Stagnant Time" is actually the point to which Syaoran was supposed to go back to - as such, Sakura is frozen in time as the seal begins to consume her. Fei Wong speculates that the 'Stagnant time' was cut off from the main flow of time by the Dimensional Witch to preserve the wish that Syaoran made, else his wish would become meaningless.

Past Incarnation

In Chapter 212, Fei Wong hints that Clow Country may be the future incarnation of Tokyo. This is confirmed in chapter 213, where Fei Wong states that the water protected Sakura because it was powered by Sakura's feather left there when the group visited. Fei Wong remarks that it is this feather that is the immeasurably limitless power that sleeps deep beneath the ruins. It also explain why the citizens fear rain as it was lethal in ancient times. In the manga, the ruined structures from Tokyo are seen in some panels featuring Clow Country.


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