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Chu'nyan by CLAMP
Series: Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE; The Legend of Chun Hyang
Gender: Female

Background/Alliance Information
Relatives: Mother (Deceased)
Residence: Koryo Country
Current Status: Alive
Powers: Hijutsu

First Appearance(Anime): Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - Episode 7 - "The Broken Memento"
Last Appearance(Anime): Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - Episode 46 - "The Secret of Hijutsu"
Voice Actors
Japanese: Shizuka Itō
English: Luci Christian

Chu'nyan is a crossover character of CLAMP's interpretation of The Legend of Chu'nyan. In that version her mother was a Mu Dang and that is carried on in this adaptation.


Chu'nyan and her mother moved to Koryo Country when she was a little girl. Her mother showed her hijutsu with her fan by waving it in front of a dead tree and having all the leaves and petals comeback. Her mother told her that hijutsu was used for the sake of others and not for one's own intensions. Her mother was killed by the Ryanban when she tried to go against him and all the was left of her was her fan which Chu'nyan treasured.

When Syaoran, Sakura Li, Sakura, Fai, and Kurogane land in Koryo Country, she defends them against the Ryaban's son and his guards. She takes them to her house and Chu'nyan mistakes them for Mitteishu who are secret warriors who come to kingdoms to right wrongs. After a long talk with them, she realizes that they couldn't possibly be Mitteishu and she tells them about the Ryanban and how he murdered her mother.

A fight between the Ryanbans son' henchmen and Syaoran break out and the magical fan that belonged to Chu'nyan's mother ends up being destroyed by a tornado made by the Ryanbanwhen she tells him that he is a coward for hiding beind someone elses weapons.

Fai and Kurogane plan to storm the castle and Chu'nyan tells them that a powerful secret art that protects it. Chu'nyan, Syaoran, and Sakura visit the resistance in town against the Ryanban. There they plan to storm the castle.

While the resistance is heading towards the castle, Sakura leads her across the bridge. Sakura tells her how the town had changed a lot. Chun'yan seems puzzled by her comment, since Sakura just arrived to town. Sakura tells her to look with her heart and not with her eyes. When she does, Chu;nyan sees the image of her mother and realizes the her mother's spirit had temporarily inhabited Sakura. Chu'yan asks how could this be, and her mother says it's because the Ryanban had sealed her soul inside the castle, so she had to wait for God's Beloved Daughter to set her spirit free.

Chun'yan's mother takes her to the old tree s and she makes it bloom again. She as

Chu'nyan receiving the hijutsu mirror from her mother

ks Chun'yan to do so because she knows she could do it but she is unable to do it. She wonders why for her it is not working and her mother tells her to remember what she had taught her about hijutsu and Chu'nyan is finally able to use hijutsu. Her mother gives Chu'nyan her own hijutsu mirror and then she leaves Sakura's body. They are then taken to the Ryanban's castle by Sorata because the Ryanban used hijutsu to possess him.

After Syaoran realizes that the Sakura and Chu'nyan in bubble are fake and is surrounded by other possessed villagers, Chu'nyan and Sakura appear and Chu'nyan uses her mirror to reflect the hijutsu used to possess the villagers.

After the Miteshu finally arrive, they ask if they are now going to choose a new lord and Chu'nyan tells them that they don't need to have a lord and that they can govern themselves.

She later appears when the group arrives in her country again when they see that the town is being destroyed by demons coming from Kishiimu's country. Chu'nyan defends Kiishimu by saying that she would not do this and the villagers start to shun her. It is then revealed that the Ryanban's son was the culprit behind it and she stops him with the help of Syaoran and Kurogane.

Kiishimu tells Chu'nyan that she had a great battle with her mother on the top of the bridge and admired Chu'nyan's mother for her great skill and heart of hijutsu. She also told Chu'nyan that the greatest magic of all is love. Chu'nyan promises to herself that she will protect her country with her hijutsu and always help people that needed both on Koryo Country and Kiishimu Country.

Chu'nyan thanks the group again for helping her and wishes them the best as they leave again.


  • Chu'nyan's English voice actress, Luci Christian, shares her role with Kurogane as a child in the anime.