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"An enchanted iced country of many secrets hidden."

Celes Country

Celes Country, also known as Seres, Ceres, Seresu, (セレス国) appears in Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE and is Fai's home country/world. The country seems to be deserted since the only people seen are Fai, Chii, and Ashura.

Name definition: Celes is also the name of mythical creature/machine(also known as Rune god) that Umi controls in the series Magic Knight Rayearth. In MKR, this creature is associated with water and ice.

The Beginning

After having sealed King  Ashura, Fai tells Chii (a creation of his own) that he can no longer stay in this country, nor this world. So he decides to go to the Dimensional Witch to escape from Ashura. Chii turns into a barrier to the seal of King Ashura, so Fai can know if he does wake up.

It is cited that Ashura resides in Ruval Castle, a floating castle with majestic wings. Celes country is covered in what appears to be an eternal blizzard.

Little is known about this world except it seems to be a magical based country. Two of Sakura's feathers had fallen into Celes, and with that feather's power Fai was able to create Chii, who he made in the image of his mother to comfort the inanimate corpse of his twin brother. He also imprisoned Ashura in a deep slumber, which Chii guarded until Ashura's awakening.

Fai's Past: Celes Revisited

Previous World: Infinity
Next World: Nihon Country

The group arriving to Celes after Infinity

After the events at Infinity, thanks to Fai, Kurogane, "Syaoran", and Mokona's payment, the group arrives in a world where the Princess Sakura's body lies, it is Celes Country, the same one that Fai came from. The tragic happenings and revealing flashbacks from Fai's past cover chapters 154 until 166 (half of volume 20 and 21)

Upon reaching this world, next to them is the sight of the majestic Ruval Castle, the place where Fai grew up. Mokona can't feel Sakura's body, since she always followed the feather's aura, the essence of her soul, and now they're after an empty body with no soul. However, Fai says that she must be in the castle, because the only auras from living people come from there, the rest of the people are dead.

"Syaoran" uses Fuuka Shourai to transport everyone to the entrance of the castle, since the stairs were only an illusion. At arriving they find a whole lot of dead soldiers' bodies, wearing the same clothes that Fai does. Syaoran feels ill, though he says its nothing and they proceed among the corpses until they reach the Throne Room. There they find King Ashura.

The King welcomes Fai, who says it wasn't planned for him to come back, but Ashura says he's been waiting because he promised he'd make his wish come true. But he isn't the only one, there's also a decrepit child who signals Fai and says to him, "you killed me".

Thus begins the first part of Fai's past (in flashbacks), which will mix with the main story until the outcome of Celes' story:

We're shown a young blonde kid trying to climb a high wall and not reaching the top, while the people in Valeria talk about the birth of the nephew of the Valerian Emperor, but the unexpected happened: one child wasn't born, but two. Twins who, because of their condition and for the meaning of their birth, were called "the twins of misfortune".

The fact that they were twins was a bad omen, along with the spread of bad crops, deterioration of water quality and the sudden death of the kids' father led the whole nation to think that it was because of the misfortune they brought into the world. For this, their mother also killed herself, feeling guilty that she had given birth to the princes. They also had immeasurable magical power, both together were stronger than the Emperor himself. To get rid of the calamity they had brought, the Emperor orders to take them away, as killing them would bring more disasters. They'd take the misfortunes with them, the misfortunes of being twins, misfortunes of having a long life due to their enormous magical power, the misfortunes of being born.

This is the curse that the Emperor imposes on them: only if they were unhappy the kingdom will prosper and the people will be happy. The Emperor takes them to different places inside the same valley where magic can't be used and time flows differently: one (Fai) atop the tower and the other (Yuui) in the bottom of the pit surrounding it. This valley is the place where the bodies of the criminals of Valeria are thrown. There they are forced to remain until the end of the days with no one digging a grave for them and without their bodies decomposing, staying there forever with no rest whatsoever. In this cruel place the Emperor intends to leave the twins, unless one decides to die, being freed from the stigma of being twins. Both princes look at each other and confirm that they won't let each other die, and they end up in the sinners' valley, alone and separated among huge piles of corpses, the silence and the cold snow falling in the place. Below is Yuui, yelling at his brother Fai atop the tower, that both of them would escape from there and with their magical power they'd leave to another country, while he's piling up more corpses in the edge of the pit to try to reach the top. 

Fai laments as more bodies are thrown into the pit. Yui continues his attempted escape while bodies still drop, among these are elderly, children, even a mother and her baby. Yuui believes something happened in Valeria for this to happen and wants to leave as soon as possible to get Fai out and know what's happening outside. In a useless attempt to climb, Yui realizes that a corpse is carrying a letter with him, and reads it. The letter says that the Emperor of Valeria has lost his mind and is killing off innocent citizens, asked help to neighboring countries, and points out that it's their fault for being born as twins. Yuui, enraged, keeps trying with all his heart but his efforts were in vain, until finally someone again falls into the pit. Is none other than the emperor of Valeria, wounded but still alive. The Emperor blames everything to the twins of misfortune, everything began because of their birth and it'll be over today, since there's only him and the twins alive in the kingdom. The Emperor takes his sword and stabs himself through the neck, cursing the twins, who'll pay the sin of being born, living as the last inhabitants of Valeria, forever abandoned in the valley with no one to know about their existence.

Fai and Yui

Yuui screams while Fai cries and calls him from the top of the tower. Yuui curses that all this happens just for being twins, just being born, "since when is that a sin?" Yui wonders if the same will happen if they go somewhere else, if it'll happen again and more people will die because of them.

Time goes by and the two of them are decrepit and crumbling, with their long blond hair and clearly malnourished body. Fai curses himself because if he had died at the time, none of this would not have happened and Yuui wouldn't have to live with that burden which torments him.

If he'd die now, Yui could get out and live without being one of the twins of misfortune, so he repeats over and over again that he wants to die, but first he needs to find to someone to help Yui (ie is what we were shown in a flashback in the third part of the country of Tokyo). For a moment the action is back to Celes and the decrepit child is identical to the depressed Fai from the flashback, and as Ashura tells Fai, "that day, he made a choice."

Back to the flashback, Yuui hears a voice that asks him if he wants to get out, which he believes is nothing more than hallucinations. However it's not, it's Fei Wang Reed who through his usual interdimensional crack, offers to get the young man out of there. Yuui says that even if they leave, it will happen again in other countries because they are twins. Fei Wang replies that he did not come from another country but another world (that's why he can use magic), and each world is governed by its customs and laws. Yuui wants to go to another world, but Fei Wang says that only one of the two can leave, he has to choose between him or his brother.

Fai's flashback in Celes

Yuui (or it so seems) asks literally to "get Yuui out", this decision brings to Fai falling from the tower, before crashing to the ground, they both see each other and exchange their experiences as a payment for this choice. So Yui sees how Fei Wong asked his brother the same question. Fai falls and dies, Fei Wang says that this life has stopped with his choice and this will be a burden that he shall carry forever. He also asks him if he could go back in time and make another choice that if he could revive the dead, would he? Fei Wang says that for this to happen, he must meet two curses, which will be fulfilled after he leaves on a journey.

The first curse says that if he finds someone with a magical power superior to his, he will be sent into a 'trance' and kill them.

The second is that if someone other than him kills Ashura, Celes will be destroyed, and the people within will be trapped.

Fai is informed of the journey he will take with Sakura, Clone Syaoran and Kurogane. He is told to take one of the feathers he will find in Celes with him on the journey, so that Sakura doesn't die. He is also warned that he may have to kill Kurogane, as he is Yuko's pawn, and will stop his wish from being granted. Fei Wang Reed then leaves, saying that someone will soon come to collect him.

The world crumbles down and someone appears, Yuui believes he comes from Gehena (hell). It's King Ashura, asking him if he wants to get out. Yui answers that he's got something to do, then the King says that to do so, he must get out and fulfill his wish. Ashura extends his hand and ask his name. The young boy says "Fai".

Ashura takes Yuui (now Fai) to Celes and they take Fai's body with them. Yuui cuts his hair so that a part of him can stay with Fai, and says that he will live so that he can bring Fai back to life, even if he must kill with his bare hands. Ashura also gives him the Fluorite, which is the guardian stone of all of Seresu. He then gives Yuui the name Fluorite, and so he becomes Fai Flourite.

After this flashback has ended, Fai and Kurogane start to battle and a new flashback begins.

Fai stops an avalanche hitting a small village, and finds two of Sakura's feathers. He decides to give one of them a human form, so that it can stay with his brother. Chii is created, in the likeness of Fai's mother.

While the town's people are thanking Fai for saving the village, someone mentions that wizards with the title "D" are very strong. This is where the D is from in the name Fai D Flourite.

A small, freckly child then tells Fai that she'd be more grateful if he smiled. When he tells her that he doesn't know how to smile, she teaches him.

Fai returns home, and Ashura tells him that he wants him to protect Celes, and to kill whoever threatens it. He then gives Fai a tatoo to suppress his magic.

It then cuts back to Fai and Kurogane's fight, and then back to a flashback. This one depicts Fai talking to Ashura about how he can't seem to learn healing magic. Ashura tells him that his smile heals his heart, and that that is a kind of magic as well.

The scene then changes to when Fai is an adult. He is watching over the real Fai with Chii. Ashura then appears telling Fai that he has Liqour from the townspeople. Fai once again shows his appreciation for alcohol, and then notices that Ashura is hurt. Ashura tells him that it's nothing.

Another scene change, and Fai and Ashura are being told about a beast that has been attacking people, including the girl who taught Fai to smile. Fai says that he will go and kill that beast, and Ashura tells him that it was him that had killed them. Fai believes that it was his fault, because he was born a twin.

Ashura wants Fai to kill him so that his curse can be broken, but he must first become stonger and therefore has been killing the citizens of Celes because his magic grows stronger the more people he murders.

Cutting back to the present, to Fai and Kurogane's fight, Kurogane ends up destroying his brother's body. He then confronts Fai about his past not making sense because he should've wanted his magic to grow and shouldn't have suppressed it. That way, Fai wouldn't have had to be worried about killing someone else more powerful than him since he would less likely meet someone like that.

It turned out that Ashura had told Fai that he had wanted Fai to kill him, and to make sure of his wish coming true he put the tattoo on Fai in order to supress his magic. Ashura would be more powerful than Fai which would lead to him killing Ashura. However wanting to keep it a secret Ashura made Fai forget what he had told him.

Another flashback shows Fai casting a spell on Ashura that will put him to sleep. He doesn't want to kill him because he rescued him and his brother from the valley, and was the first person to ever have shown them kindness.

In the present, Ashura has found Sakura's body and threatens to kill her, thinking that Fai's anger might be enough to kill him.

Fightning ensues, however, Ashura quickly gets the upper hand and puts an attack against Kurogane using his magic which leads to Kurogane being mortally injured. Fai turns into a fit of fury and attacks Ashura. Through the attack, Fai manages to rescue Sakura and leaves her in the protection of Syaoran.

Deciding to put an end to all of this, Ashura's and Fai's own wish, Fai starts battling Ashura with the intent of taking both of them down in order to save the others however, Fai turns out to be inferior to Ashura due to his halved magic. Ashura grabs Fai and explains that even if Fai had both of his eyes, he wouldn't have the strength to defeat him, but if the others died then Fai's resulting rage would perhaps fulfill his wish. Then Ashura proceeds to give the final blows to Syaoran, Sakura, and Kurogane while Fai can only struggle through Ashura's grip to try and defend them.

Kurogane, who is protected by the ward princess Tomoyo cast on him, defends Syaoran and stabs Ashura leading him to his death.

Fai returns holding the flourite. The flourite cracks revealing one of Sakura's feathers.

Fai then sees his brother's memory of the day he died, when he tells Fei Wang Reed to let Yuui go. He then apologizes to Yuui that he couldn't go with him, and wishes him to somehow live free.

Fai realizes that is was his brother's memory and that he hadn't sacrificed him. Kurogane then tells Fai to let his brother be put to rest, Fai feeling guilty for not having done so, asks his brother for forgiveness while seeing him fade away.

However, Fai's second curse is then activated which triggers the destruction of the Celes. Fai manages to release Syaoran, Sakura and Mokona, but his magic isn't strong enough to save Kurogane as well. Mokona then tells Syaoran to use the pendant on Mokona's ear to make an opening on the 'cage' that Kurogane and Fai are trapped in. Kurogane is able to leave, but Fai is still trapped since he acts as the core for the curse.

Kurogane doesn't want to let go of Fai but the mage tells Kurogane to leave him so that the others can go on to the next world. Having been on the verge of death earlier in their fight against Ashura, Tomoyo is able to communicate with Kurogane through a dream and tells him that if Kurogane truly wishes from his heart that he and Fai can leave together he must leave something which holds the same kind of magic as Fai.

Kurogane releases his hold on Fai's wrist but only in order to cut off his own left arm which contains some of Fai's magic and leaves the arm along with his sword on the last bit of ground. Since Fai had used up his magic to try and save the others, the magic left in Kurogane's arm could now act as his substitute and this allows Kurogane to lift Fai out from the 'cage'. In the process, Fai's coat is left behind.

The group then leaves with the help of Mokona's magic and Celes is destroyed.


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