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King Ashura of Celes
King Ashura of Celes
Series: Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, RG Veda
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Background/Alliance Information
Residence: Celes Country
Current Status: Deceased
Powers: Dreamseer, magician

First Appearance(Anime): Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE - Episode 1 - Destinies Converge
Last Appearance(Anime): Tsubasa Shunraiki - Episode 1 - The First Part
Voice Actors

Ashura (阿修羅 Ashura-ou) is a crossover character from CLAMP's RG Veda, and a minor character in Tsubasa. He is the King of Celes, who had taken in and raised Fai.

King Ashura is a crossover character from RG Veda and should not be mistaken for another crossover character from RG Veda, Ashura-ō of Shura Country, who is Ashura's son in RG Veda. (Ashura-ō means King Ashura and is a title also used as a name in RG Veda, which both of these characters bear, though there the son is usually referred to as just "Ashura".)


King Ashura in anime

Ashura had taught Fai to use magic, and eventually becoming a father figure to him. When Fai discovered that he could only learn "magic that kills people", Ashura told him that his smile held the ability to heal others. In exchange for everything that he had done for him, Ashura asked Fai to promise that he would eliminate those who would threaten Celes. Due to Fai's first curse, Ashura traced a magical seal on Fai's body in the form of a Phoenix tattoo, which suppressed his powers from growing any further, and though Fai protested, Ashura told him that Fai's first curse would break after it was fulfilled once, and he wanted to be the one that Fai would kill. Ashura then erased what he had told him from Fai's memory. Several years later, a mysterious and deadly monster began to kill Celes's innocent civilians. Fai swore to defeat the beast, but found out that Ashura was the monster. Fai, at first, blamed himself for what happened to Ashura, thinking that "the curse of the twins" was what had caused Ashura to kill, but Ashura told him that his magic grows when he kills, and that he always knew that he would become a murderer, even though he was not sure why. Fai realized that Ashura had brought him under his care for the sole purpose of killing him when he reached this state. Unable to bring himself to kill Ashura, Fai cast a spell on him, putting him into a deep sleep. However, no magic spell was permanent, so the king would eventually awaken. Fai places Ashura in an enchanted sleep at the beginning of Tsubasa and transforms Chii to serve as Ashura's guard. Ashura is the reason why Fai seeks to travel to multiple dimensions and avoid returning to Celes. Fai, at one point, says that Ashura 'took him out' of someplace, later revealed to be the place Fai (then Yūi) and his twin were imprisoned in their native country (Valeria). King Ashura finally wakes up from his sleep in chapter 140. It is then revealed that Ashura regularly went on killing sprees among his subjects, and he intended to invoke Fai's curse (which is to kill anyone stronger than himself) to kill him. He placed a tattoo on Fai which would prevent the growth of his powers, while his own grew with every murder, and he would one day be stronger than Fai. He is later killed by a combined effort from Syaoran, Fai,and Kurogane.