Asagi Shougo (浅黄笙悟 Shogo Asagi) is a minor character in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, and a crossover character from CLAMP's X. In X, he is a water master who appears in place of Kakyō in the film. A smart aleck high school student, he appears to fight for the Dragons of Earth solely to cause trouble. He meets his end in the film during his battle with Karen in the subway, when Karen causes a massive explosion that causes them both to be crushed by debris.


Shougo appears in the Hanshin Republic with Primera, as her lover. Shougo (seems to be) the leader of the 'goggle' gang, one of the bad gangs of the area (they cause damage around town). His "special" kudan is powerful, and controls the element of water. It is large and flies, and seems to be loosely based on the stingray. He is one of the bad users (of kudan), and does some damage, but seems to be more focussed on defeating strong opponents and proving that he is the most powerful. He said that he likes Syaoran because he is strong in his mind and heart. He is said to be 'everyone's role model' by Masayoshi. He eventually challenges Syaoran to a battle properly, to which he accepts, and in which Shougo admits defeat.

Primera likes Shougo and wanted to spend time with him, so she kidnaps the person who Shougo said he liked (Syaoran), but mistakenly kidnaps Masayoshi. Shougo gets annoyed with her antics and says that he is busy with schoolwork and chores. However, when Masayoshi's kudan starts becoming destructive using Sakura's feather, he does save her.

In the end, he invites Masayoshi to join his gang, to which he accepts eagerly.

He also appears later as one of the racers in Piffle Country. He is once again with his gang.

He later appears again with Primera in the Principality of Darōga. Here, Shougo is Primera's mangager who ran away with her because Primera got tired of her work as an idol which included having to sign autographs until her hand got swollen and she didn’t want to live that life anymore but wanted to be with Shougo.

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